U.S., Japan, Philippines Hold Joint Maritime Law Enforcement Training

US and Japanese Coast Guard instructors share detainee handling techniques with Philippine Coast Guard students.

Manila, May 6, 2022— From April 4 to 29, United States Coast Guard (USCG) instructors partnered with the Japan Coast Guard (JCG) Mobile Cooperation Team (MCT) to conduct ship boarding operations training with the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to improve its maritime law enforcement. aptitude.

The training took place at various locations in the Manila port area and focused on training instructors for PCG personnel who will lead future courses.

The USCG team led the first half of the training, which consisted of instructor development courses for 14 PCG candidates and prepared them to plan, organize and present scenarios and tactics to an audience of students. The PCG Instructor Candidates then demonstrated their expertise by presenting a Basic Internship Officer Course to 48 PCG students with support and mentorship from the USCG and JCG teams.

During the second phase of the training, the JCG MCT provided tactical instruction on techniques for individual self-defense and the detention of suspicious individuals. This was the first time that USCG and JCG instructors have partnered directly in a training event with the PCG, and similar events are already being discussed to build on this success.

Commemorating the completion of the course at Coast Guard Base Farola on April 29, PCG Rear Adm. Ronnie Gil L. Gavan, Commander of Marine Security and Law Enforcement, emphasized the importance of well-trained boarding teams to the PCG.

“This event is a significant milestone and highlights the strong maritime relationship between the United States, Japan and the Philippines,” said Cdr. Mike Ross, USCG Advisor to the United States Embassy in the Philippines.

“The role of our coast guards in enforcing the rule of law is essential to the security of our countries. I anticipate future cooperation in operations and capacity building with PCG and USCG,” said JCG Captain Makoto Tamura.