Tristar’s concern for seafarers recognized by the maritime industry

“Tristar will continue to maintain a leadership position in addressing the plight of seafarers, as this is a global issue that requires all stakeholders to come together to improve health and well-being. of our fellow sailors,” Mayne explained just after the 3rd lecture.

The company has always been concerned about workers at sea. At the 2nd edition held virtually on December 9, 2020, Mayne called for wider recognition of seafarers as key workers. It was already echoing the Neptune Declaration at that time even before the company became a signatory. Signed by more than 850 companies and organisations, the declaration recognizes the shared responsibility of stakeholders to prioritize the health and well-being of seafarers and ensure a resilient supply chain.

During the inaugural conference held on November 10, 2019, Mayne explained: “As a key player in the maritime industry, it is our duty to play a leading role in ensuring that the physical health and mental health of seafarers is treated with the utmost importance. We intend to create a solid platform to discuss and implement an ecosystem that will allow seafarers to seek advice or professional advice. We invite everyone to help make this initiative a success, by participating and asking questions, in order to enact positive change for workers at sea.”

Tristar currently operates a 24/7 helpline which it launched in February 2020 for its crew members through the UK-based Sailors Society. This was one of the concrete actions taken after the inaugural conference. Other initiatives have been a series of in-person and virtual psychological first aid workshops and engagements with all aboard at the height of the pandemic.

The Seatrade Maritime Awards have been organized in association with Lloyd’s List, which is one of the oldest running journals in the world, having provided weekly information on shipping in London as far back as 1734. It was published daily until in 2013 and is only in constantly updated digital format. since.