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The Maritime Association of South Carolina is an important partner in the state’s shipping and logistics industry

AThe number of dynamic, diverse and rapidly growing members is a striking illustration of the Maritime Association of South Carolina’s continued commitment – and importance – to the South Carolina shipping and logistics industry.

Long known for its important role in the maritime industry, MASC recently celebrated its 93rd anniversary, a milestone in a proud, productive and proactive history.

Members often credit MASC for being an important partner in the success of their businesses.

“If you’re in that industry – if you’re part of the supply chain – or if you’re in a related business, then the Maritime Association of South Carolina is the trade association you want to be a part of,” La MASC president Heather Holmquest said. “It’s a great resource, especially for people starting a business here. More of our employees have told me that they have made a significant connection or achieved a business development goal as a result of their affiliation with MASC.

With more than 2,000 ships carrying some $ 60 billion in cargo passing through the state’s public and private docks each year, the shipping industry is one of the most important, if not the most important, economic engine of our state’s economy, Holmquest said. As an umbrella organization that represents each segment of this industry, the Maritime Association of South Carolina is the “FACE” of this vital industry. To accomplish this mission of advancing, nurturing, promoting, augmenting and protecting the interests of South Carolina ports, MASC:

Promotes relationships between port users, operators, service providers and government partners.

Advocates for legislation that strengthens and improves maritime commerce and all associated industries and serves to provide solutions to issues impacting the maritime and logistics community.

Coordinates business networking opportunities for members of the maritime community and associated industries.

Educates media, government officials and the public about the importance of South Carolina’s ports, allied industries, and the shipping and logistics industry.

MASC members enjoy many benefits and services, including monthly port operations briefings and member meetings; bi-monthly lunches with the CEO / Chairman of the State Ports Authority; invitations to all MASC events; DASH passes / emergency management information and resources; weekly newsletters; discounted health care options for businesses of all sizes as part of the Association’s plan; legislative updates and advocacy briefings; certificates of origin; and discounts to members via associative partnerships.

“We’re a conduit, a place where all of these people can come together, network, gather information, learn,” Holmquest said.

Most of MASC’s members are based in and around the Charleston area; However, membership is not only growing regionally, but is also diversifying by industry sector, Holmquest said.

“We are primarily providers of shipping, trucking, rail transportation, warehousing, third-party logistics and port services, but our membership is growing rapidly,” said Holmquest. “Almost any business that provides services or is otherwise related to our industry can reap major benefits by joining MASC. “