The Dutch bio-LNG production plant for the maritime industry enters the construction phase

Dutch companies Attero, Nordsol and Titan have made the final investment decision (FID) for their bio-LNG project, FirstBio2Shipping, which is now entering the construction phase.

The three partners announced the FID on November 9 after meeting at the site of the proposed plant, located at the Attero waste treatment plant in Wilp, the Netherlands.

Ready to deliver first bio-LNG in early 2024, the plant will produce approximately 2,400 tonnes of bio-LNG (or liquefied biomethane) per year.

Illustration of the FirstBio2Shipping project. Courtesy of Nordsol

For the FirstBio2Shipping project, Attero will transform domestic bio-waste into 6 million Nm3 of biogas per year.

Nordsol and Attero will jointly produce 2,400 tonnes of high-purity bio-LNG per year and 5,000 tonnes of liquid bio-CO2 per year from this biogas using Nordsol’s patented iLNG technology.

Clean fuel supplier Titan, the exclusive long-term buyer, will supply the bio-LNG to the maritime industry where it is expected to cost-effectively replace fossil fuels.

Leon van BossumCommercial Director at Nordsol, said: “Nordsol is committed to generalizing bio-LNG with various partners. In 2021 we built the first Dutch bio-LNG facility to make road transport more sustainable. As a pioneer, we are proud to also contribute to the decarbonization of the maritime sector, alongside Titan and Attero. The FirstBio2Shipping project is intended to trigger a snowball effect, resulting in more and larger facilities that help make shipping more sustainable.

Ronald van SelmTitan’s technical director, said: “At Titan, we are committed to providing all fuels that substantially decarbonize shipping and industry. We recognize bio-LNG as a strong clean fuel and have therefore acted to advance its production and supply to marine industry. We are delighted to reach the construction stage of the project with the Attero and Nordsol teams. They are dedicated and valued partners and we look forward to working with them more in the future.

Jan Willem SteyversBusiness Developer at Attero, adds: “Producing bio-LNG from biogas from bio-waste to decarbonize the maritime sector is a unique innovation. Attero is delighted with the cooperation with partners Nordsol and Titan to bring biogas to a premium quality product. Yet another step in our mission to continuously increase sustainability and create raw materials and energy from waste.

Last year, the European Union awarded the project funding of 4.3 million euros. This year, on October 19, the European Parliament adopted the FuelEU maritime regulation, which aims at the decarbonisation of maritime transport, and recognized biomethane (liquefied) as a renewable fuel and its potential to mix with and replace fossil LNG. .

This joint bio-LNG project is therefore perfectly in line with European policies to achieve climate and energy transition objectives, conclude the promoters.