The Coast Guard, federal and local agencies, and maritime industry partners are conducting a maritime security exercise in the functional area

Coast Guard personnel alongside federal, state, local agencies and industry organizations in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands conducted a Functional Area Maritime Security Exercise Wednesday throughout the Area Captain’s area of ​​responsibility. port.

The exercise is part of the National Maritime Security Training Exercise Program.

“This exercise has proven invaluable in improving maritime readiness in commercial ports in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands,” said Hector Cintrón, Port Security Specialist for Coast Guard Sector San Juan. “It is through the area’s maritime security training exercise program that Coast Guard and port facility contingency plans are updated and validated. Through periodic and ongoing exercises, we can ensure the highest level of preparedness, coordination and response, which are crucial to protecting island waterways and maritime infrastructure while strengthening our collective ability to facilitate and conduct maritime commerce. sure.

During the exercise, participating agencies and industry partners faced complex scenarios, which tested their collective ability to respond and coordinate during simulated port security threats. on the maritime transport system.

Agencies focused primarily on their ability to alert, mobilize and activate personnel, facilities and resources for emergency response, tested their communications and established an incident command structure as part of the national emergency response system. incident management to coordinate interagency operations.

The scenarios involved in this functional exercise challenged participants to make tough decisions, perform critical functions and maintain a common operating picture, while focusing on area maritime security awareness, prevention and the maintenance of the maritime transport system.

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