Stakeholders Mobilize to Transform Nigeria’s Maritime Industry into a Sub-Regional Hub | The Guardian Nigeria News

Stakeholders in the maritime sector have underscored the need for Nigeria to fully exploit the opportunities inherent in reviving its “dormant” maritime sector.

At a press conference ahead of the inaugural NIMS event, Nigerian International Maritime Summit (NIMS) Board Member Greg Ogbeifun highlighted the determination of some key stakeholders, who have come together under the umbrella of NIMS, to reinvigorate Nigeria for the daunting task of becoming the sub-region’s industrial superpower.

Ogbeifun, who is also Chairman of Starz Group, said the initiative would be launched at the NIMS summit where the best continental minds would take the stage to dissect, motivate and sow the seeds needed to see Nigeria create a sustainable cluster. for the Nigerian maritime services, which currently does not exist in the country.

The summit is scheduled to be held from October 5-6, 2021, with the aim of creating jobs for young people, ensuring skills development and strengthening the Deep Blue project.

NIMS Chairperson, Ms. Mfon Usoro, said the upcoming NIMS is strategically focused on a few industry issues that would make Nigeria a maritime superpower and a regional maritime hub.

She said the summit was also timely as Nigeria prepares for elections to the International Maritime Organization board, which were due to take place later this year.

Usoro noted that several industry conferences have provided valuable recommendations that have never been implemented, so NIMS will seek to learn from the failures or shortcomings of previous engagements in order to have a positive impact. on the industry.

Emeka Akabogu, Senior Partner, Akabogu and Associates, explained that the summit focused on the development of the Nigerian maritime industry.

He said the conference was organized to expose operators in the maritime industry and for Nigerian maritime businesses to come together, talk about challenges and come up with solutions.