Spire adds new weather information for the maritime industry

Photo: Spire Global.

Spire Global is deploying new weather solutions for the maritime industry which the company says can analyze the impact of upcoming weather conditions on business operations. Spire announced the new offerings – Weather Insights and Weather by Route – on Wednesday.

The company said these offerings combine weather data collected from its constellation of more than 100 satellites with maritime expertise through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Weather Insights allows a customer to calculate the predicted risk due to weather for a particular vessel and load size on a route. Weather by Route offers personalized weather forecasts for a planned route.

“As a mission-driven company, we are committed to providing solutions to today’s global challenges, such as global supply chain disruptions and climate change,” said Dr. Kevin Petty , Vice President of Weather and Earth Intelligence at Spire. “Our weather solutions give maritime organizations the resources they need to optimize fuel consumption, reduce their carbon footprint, better predict expected time of arrival in port and protect crew from hazardous weather conditions.”