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42 minutes ago

The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) said the high cost of feed is forcing its members to lose their jobs.

53 minutes ago

Police caught suspects hiding in a neighbor’s ceiling A magistrate’s court in Vereeniging, South Africa, has remanded two Nigerians into custody after they were arrested for alleged drug trafficking. They are Amandi Henry Ogbuonye, ​​39, and Amobi Christian Eze, 30. The duo’s arrest, according to multiple reports, came after law enforcement…

1 hour ago

The ad hoc committee of the House of Representatives to investigate the collection of debts owed by oil and gas companies in Nigeria has pledged to deal with companies that fail to appear before it.

1 hour ago

With the heat flushing out every ounce of water in the body, it often leaves you reaching for water as well as soft drinks. However, if you’re craving something other than soda and would like some cool, vitamin-rich drinks to refresh you, here are some cool drink recipes to…

1 hour ago

Movement is essential to life and in a country like Nigeria where individuals are largely responsible for their transportation, it is evident that the cost of transportation accounts for a large portion of the disposable income of an average Nigerian. Since transport fares largely depend on fuel prices, it is believed that an increase in the price of fuel…