Singapore and UAE to Collaborate on Digitalization and Decarbonization in Maritime Industry

ABU DHABI: Singapore is keen to collaborate with the UAE on digitizing and decarbonizing the maritime industry, a senior executive has told Emirates News Agency (WAM).

“Singapore and the United Arab Emirates have a very strong bilateral relationship; we are both [maritime] hubs in different parts of the world and it is our role to ensure that whatever ships are passing through Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, we are able to meet the different types of challenges, to go from ‘before,’ said Quah Ley Hoon, chief executive of Maritime and Ports Authority of Singapore.

“Therefore, we are really looking forward to collaborating with the UAE in digitization and decarbonization,” she added in an interview with WAM on the sidelines of the 7th edition of the Port Authority Roundtable (PAR 2022 ) in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

Three Key Areas Digitization is one of three key areas that will help the maritime industry meet significant challenges, Ley Hoon noted. Through digitalization, “we are ensuring that different parties can connect with each other, not only for port clearance but also for cargo clearance, allowing goods to flow more seamlessly,” he said. -she explains.

The second, of course, is the decarbonization effort, the CEO said.

“It is important for the maritime industry to further reduce emissions and work towards IMO [International Maritime Organisation] 2050 goals. We have to look at what is the future ship, what kind of ship can we accommodate in the future,” she explained, referring to the original IMO gas strategy at greenhouse effect (GHG) that considers reducing total annual GHG emissions. of international maritime transport by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008.

Ley Hoon said the industry should be able to handle new fuels such as ammonia, hydrogen and biofuels, which would help decarbonization efforts.

The third key area is dealing with the disruption as it has occurred during the global pandemic, she pointed out. The industry must come together to ensure goods continue to flow uninterrupted in the event of a public health issue or similar challenge, the CEO said.

Port Authority Roundtable Ley Hoon said all the major challenges facing the industry are discussed at the Port Authority Roundtable (PAR 2022), a major annual maritime event that brings together port authorities from around the world to strengthen consensus and cooperation in the industry.

“We are looking forward to a successful conclusion of the roundtable. It is really important for us to come up with ideas, especially in the areas of decarbonization and digitalization. There are a lot of question marks now in terms of is about global trade, global shipping and global shipping, and I hope that through this roundtable we can move forward.”

WAM/Binsal Abdul Kader/Amjad Saleh