Pioneering women in the maritime industry come together

To celebrate the 60th Melbourne Boat Show and the remarkable women leading the way in the marine industry, the Boating Industry Association Victoria and the City of Melbourne organized a Women on the water networking event in Docklands last month.

The one-day-only occasion was held on Thursday 20 October at Melbourne City Marina and was an opportunity for women to connect and share their knowledge, experience and passion for balancing genders in the industry of their choice.

Better Boating Director Victoria Katherine Grech and Oil Response Company of Australia (ORCA) Managing Director Narelle Ward were present and spoke at the event.

With extensive careers and training, both women are examples of trailblazing personalities who dedicate their time to changing the industry for the better.

Beginning the discussion, Ms Grech explained how she started out as a marine scientist and environmental manager working in the tropics and in the water industry, before talking about her journey over the past few years in the yachting.

She also shared her vision for the maritime industry and how her 11-person team of six women are bringing those hopes to life.

“I think it’s really important to represent women in the industry, so that others can see how well and efficiently we work and how much we really value our relationships with stakeholders,” he said. she declared.

Ms Ward then discussed the work done by ORCA and what is involved in her field of work, before reiterating how important it is to pave the way for women in the industry.

“I take great pride in what I do and will always promote the benefits of having more talented young women in the maritime industry,” Ms Ward said.

In conclusion, the event ended with time for the women to gather and discuss the future of the industry over morning tea, as they watched the Melbourne Boat Show which was in being put in place.

Speaking at the event, Lord Mayor Sally Capp said it was “fantastic to hear from [the] an inspiring selection of women in the maritime industry”.

“These incredible women in the water are doing their part to break down barriers and challenge gender representation in the industry,” she said.

“Melbourne is a city built on water, and we work closely with groups like Yarra Riverkeeper, Melbourne Maritime Heritage Network and local yacht clubs to boost women’s participation in the maritime industry.” •