Pictured: The DCN Australian Shipping & Maritime Industry Awards 2021

Last week, many of the Australian shipping and logistics industry gathered in Sydney to eat, drink and celebrate the achievements of the past year.

Jillian Carson-Jackson, inducted into the 2021 Australian Maritime Hall of Fame

This year, Jillian Carson-Jackson, President of the Nautical Institute, was inducted into the Australian Maritime Hall of Fame.

Throughout her long career, Ms. Carson-Jackson has been (and continues to be) a strong advocate for the maritime sector in general and for diversity and inclusion within the sector in particular.

She has continuously held positions with the Nautical Institute since 2008, leading her to assume the role of President in July 2020, after serving as Senior Vice President for two years.

Jillian’s expertise has been recognized by the award of a research grant to both the Royal Institute of Navigation (FRIN) and the Nautical Institute (FNI).

The indomitable Jacqui McCombie, Managing Director of Globelink International, has won the Women in Shipping & Maritime Logistics Award.

Ms. McCombie has built Globelink from scratch over the past 25 years.

The award not only recognizes Ms. McCombie’s business acumen, but also her leadership, passion and commitment to the industry.

Jacqui McCombie receives the Women in Shipping & Maritime Logistics Award 2021

For a complete list of honorees and highly commended recipients, see the RCD story here.

NSW Minister for Planning Anthony Roberts addressing those gathered for the awards

NSW Planning and Homes Minister Anthony Roberts gave a speech at the start of the proceedings.

He spoke of the importance of the logistics industry – which has particularly shined in the past two years.

The evening was not only devoted to the awards ceremony, it was also an opportunity for colleagues and friends to meet, chat, eat and drink.

An atmosphere of immense excitement and joy permeated the evening.

As the proceedings continued throughout the evening and the attendees made their way through the splendid dinner, the conversation unfolded and occasionally spilled into the official program, prompting the occasional, albeit furious, tapping of cutlery on wine glasses.

When the official event ended, many stayed for a nightcap (or two [or three]) and a last conversation before leaving. As guests headed out into the night and to their next destination – whether a pub in the Rocks or home – they were bid farewell with a lollipop bar or candy bar, where they could fill a bag with paper from a wide selection of lollipops (sponsored by Cusack & Co, of course).

The next DCN Awards night will take place in November 2022 in Melbourne.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming DCN video production featuring interviews with the participants. Pictured are NSW Ports’ Marika Calfas (the main host sponsor of the event) and DCN journalist Abby Williams.