PH pushes for a greener and more sustainable maritime industry

The Philippines is one with the international community in calling for a greener and more sustainable shipping industry.

In his message on World Maritime Day 2022, Foreign Secretary Enrique Manalo supported the sector’s transition to green fuels and technologies, acknowledging the need to make it sustainable in the long term. given its vital role in world trade.

“This year’s theme, ‘New Technologies for Greener Shipping’ is a call to action to support an inclusive green transition for the maritime sector towards a sustainable future. This theme hopes to promote inclusive innovation, research and development and cooperation in technology, in the search for solutions for decarbonization and more environmentally friendly navigation,” he said.

He said the Philippines also supports the initiatives of the International Maritime Organization to use digitalization and automation technologies that would improve the conditions of seafarers, especially Filipinos.

“We recognize that achieving sustainability in the maritime industry requires enormous effort and a host of actions needed across multiple areas of concern and that global success in this regard should result in better conditions for people. around the world,” he said.

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“These are particularly important for a seafaring and maritime nation like the Philippines, as it continues to deliver on its commitment to serve and protect the interests of Filipino seafarers and maritime industry workers around the world through policies and frameworks that ensure their rights and well-being are upheld,” he added.

Manalo noted that the country also continues to promote and mainstream women’s issues in the industry, adding that it recognizes their role in the decision-making process and their contribution to addressing sustainability issues.

“We seek to engage our partners in this as we continue to collaborate to achieve our multifaceted sustainability goals. We hope that by continuing the conversation for greener shipping, we can maintain the momentum towards a fair and sustainable maritime future,” he said.