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Certification body, CompEx has worked with Southampton-based training provider, the Southampton Engineering Training Association (SETA), and a major local cruise line to develop a new module for the maritime industry, which is now available for bookings . The new qualification aims to support the sector in the transition from heavy fuel oil (HFO) to liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The qualification covers the requirements set out in IEC 60079:14, IEC 60079:17, IEC 60092-502 and the IGF code. The new five-day course is suitable for engineers and technicians responsible for the maintenance and inspection of electrical systems and instrumentation in hazardous areas on board ships. This includes cruise lines, bulk carriers, general cargo, container and tankers, which are fueled by gas or low-flashpoint fuels like LNG.

To complete the course, a practical assessment and a multiple-choice exam are undertaken by the learners. Successful candidates will understand the main protection concepts, regulations, codes, standards and identify the hazards specific to LNG.

Huw Bement, director of CompEx, said:

“Compared to HFO, the use of LNG allows substantial reductions in regulated emissions and carbon dioxide. In terms of ignition risk, LNG is significantly more difficult than the more stable HFOs. To address this, CompEx has worked with SETA to pilot the course with a major cruise line to ensure a new qualification is in place specifically to support the ongoing transition to LNG in the maritime sector.

“This new course is a great way to provide engineers and technicians who work in hazardous areas on board ships with the awareness and understanding of working with LNG. As the course is now available for booking, we are delighted to be able to welcome candidates to register their interest and register for the module.

Russ James, Director of Sales at SETA, said:

“The development of the CompEx Maritime course has gone through a lot of work to ensure that the elements it contains are suitable for the sector. As a result, we are proud to be able to say that SETA is the first CompEx center in the world to deliver the course CompEx Maritime, MTEx01-MTEx04 Maritime Fuels.

Southampton is the UK’s busiest cruise port and hosts the UK’s most productive container terminal; we are therefore not only well positioned at the heart of the Solent economy with exciting local developments in the maritime sector, but geographically accessible to international learners.

Russ added: “We are delighted to be at the forefront of supporting companies that will work with LNG, contributing to the Net Zero commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping to fight against global warming.

Candidates who successfully complete the course will receive an internationally recognized CompEx Certificate in Basic Competency. Visit the CompEx website for more information on the module and to register, Bookings for the next available course can be made directly with the Southampton Engineering Training Association, please visit

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