New carbon offset initiative announced in the maritime industry

Charles R. Weber Company, Inc. (“CRW”), a leading shipping brokerage firm, today announced a strategic initiative with Bluesource, America’s most experienced and diverse business climate advisor. North, to offer CRW customers carbon credits to offset product emissions. Through this alliance, Charles R. Weber customers will be able to calculate and offset their travel emissions. The International Maritime Organization has estimated that maritime transport is responsible for around three percent of human-made greenhouse gas emissions1.

As needed additional work is underway internationally to move the industry forward to reduce or directly reduce emissions to meet United Nations targets, these carbon credits will be directed to projects with a higher potential. immediate environmental benefit. By partnering with Bluesource, CRW gives customers the opportunity to voluntarily reduce the environmental footprint of their travel by investing in verified, high-quality carbon offset projects from Bluesource. Projects include improving forest management, capturing landfill gas, and reducing or capturing hydrofluorocarbon emissions from industrial processes. All of these projects reduce or prevent greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

“Our partnership with Bluesource is an important step in creating opportunities for our customers and the industry to offset carbon emissions,” said Christos Papanicolaou, Co-Managing Director of Charles R. Weber. “Although carbon offsets are always voluntary for our industry, they are expected to play an important role as governing bodies such as the IMO and the EU further refine their gas reduction plans Greenhouse effect. We are delighted to have partnered with Bluesource, an experienced global company that can provide a wide range of high quality environmental solutions.

“Due to the current carbon intensity of marine fuels, carbon offsets are a great way to act now to tackle the currently unavoidable emissions from the shipping industry,” said Kevin Townsend, Commercial Director of Bluesource. “We’re excited to be able to work with CRW as they help their clients navigate the intricacies of climate action and the role of high-quality offsets in reducing emissions.”
Source: Charles R. Weber Company, Inc.