Mainstay Core Product Launched to Support Marine Industry

Thursday July 7 – Birmingham, UK: MIS Marine, the marine industry’s leading marine insurance technology company, has launched its new entry-level product, Mainstay Core. In addition to providing consolidated enforcement data that enables faster and more efficient decision-making, Mainstay Core provides a comprehensive snapshot view of enforcement data to support ship charterer compliance and minimize risk to ports and terminals. .

Previously only available as a premium subscription platform, MIS Marine has expanded accessibility to its Mainstay product suite with a full entry-level option at a time when the marine industry faces more than 2 000 sanctions due to the Ukrainian crisis.

Through standardized yet configurable risk policies, Mainstay Core provides full access to Marine Assurance data sources, enabling efficient and simple control processes and streamlined communication with third parties. With an intuitive review screen, one-click decision making and color-coded document status indicators, review operations are streamlined and fast – helping shippers, ports and terminals make the right decision, faster.

Providing a comprehensive view of data, responsive compliance tracking, and ultimately streamlining verification operations, Mainstay Core underpins the verification processes for tankers, barges and offshore vessels and their related companies, offering peer-to-peer insurance for an entire trip, contract or project.

Dominic McKnight Hardy, Managing Director of MIS Marine, said: “Today, Marine Assurance is more than an audit. It’s about understanding your complete risk profile. These risks come in many forms, from compliance and regulatory breaches to indirect business with a sanctioned entity. With its sanctioned data tracking, Mainstay Core automatically alerts you to any sanctions and threats of non-compliance, helping you stay informed of all the details that could affect a vessel’s suitability and jeopardize your reputation.

Mainstay Core collects and presents several sources of up-to-date industry data – OCIMF (SIRE, BIRE and OVID), IHS, USCG, AIS Tracking and Sanctions.

Since 2009, MIS Marine has developed advanced marine insurance solutions to support the pursuit of better standards and ensure compliance with regulatory objectives across the marine industry. The company also developed and delivers the state-of-the-art Mainstay Pro solution – which formed the basis of Mainstay Core – which includes more advanced features and in-depth capabilities to support marine insurance operations.