Improved Energy Efficient Solutions for a Sustainable Marine Industry

Posted on September 13, 2022 at 12:14 p.m. by

The Maritime Executive

Hamburg-based Becker Marine Systems presents new product developments, its cooperation with its strategic partner Nakashima Propeller and the combined product portfolio of energy-saving solutions at SMM 2022, the leading international trade fair for the marine industry. .

For decades, Becker has been known as one of the driving forces behind innovation in the maritime industry. The range of groundbreaking product developments not only covers the superior Becker Twist Rudder for propulsion efficiency and the high lift Becker Flap Rudder for better maneuverability, but also proven energy saving devices like the Becker Twisted Fin and the Becker Mewis Duct®. These products manufactured by Becker Marine Systems have become benchmarks in the design of efficient vessels.

And the company’s constant search for technical innovation is also reflected in its new business activities:

  • Becker examined various wind propulsion systems and researched rigid wing sails. These sails can be folded up and are a very promising technology for the wind-assisted propulsion of merchant ships.
  • Wind-assisted vessels will have different maneuvering and heading-keeping characteristics. Therefore, Becker developed and launched the Becker Daggerboard Retractable Anti-Drift Device (order in progress).
  • Becker developed a rotary vane steering gear, allowing the company to soon offer complete sets of rudders with steering gears.

“Our tried-and-tested maneuvering systems and energy-saving devices are constantly being improved. New products like Becker Steering Gear and Becker Daggerboard expand our expertise into new areas,” says Henning Kuhlmann, Managing Director of Becker Marine Systems. “The tough EEXI and CII regulations are top of mind for all shipowners. In close collaboration with our partner Nakashima Propeller, we will offer our customers maneuvering and energy efficiency packages optimized to meet these regulations.

In March 2021, Nakashima Propeller partnered with Becker Marine Systems taking over the majority of shares. Nakashima Propeller is a leading manufacturer of fixed pitch propellers and looks back on nearly a century of propeller design and production. Their product range also includes variable pitch propellers and bow thrusters of various designs – and the company invests in the development of new technologies, such as CFRP propellers and GFRP stators.

Becker Marine Systems and Nakashima Propeller maintain the highest level of hydrodynamic know-how. Joint research and development projects are underway to improve the performance of modern vessel design for the benefit of customers and the environment. One of these projects is a digital monitoring and evaluation system that aims for centralized control of vessel movements. This system also takes into account data from propulsion and maneuvering devices, including Becker’s intelligent rudder monitoring and bearing wear measurement system. The company’s path to combine the latest technology with good quality and superior after-sales service seems to meet the demands of its customers. Becker’s order books are full, regardless of pandemic restrictions, changing material costs or disrupted global supply chains.

Becker Marine Systems is proud to announce many new orders for this year, especially for Performance Packages (Becker Twist Rudder combined with Becker Twisted Fin or Becker Mewis Duct®). These commands include:

  • High-performance Becker rudders for more than 20 units of 174,000 m3 LNG carriers built in Chinese shipyards
  • Becker Twist Rudders for a large series of 3,055 TEU feeder vessels under construction at JMU in Japan
  • Performance packages of Becker Twist Rudders combined with Becker Twisted Fins for a large number of 7,000 TEU, 13,000 TEU, 16,000 TEU and 24,000 TEU container ships in mainly Chinese and Korean shipyards
  • Modernization orders for Becker Mewis Duct® and Becker Twisted Fin for more than 50 vessels of various designs, ranging from bulk carriers of 56,000 dwt to very large ore carriers of 400,000 dwt

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