Greek-Filipino leader breaks down cultural barriers in UK shipping industry

Executive of Greek and Filipino origin, Kate Bollanou is the very incarnation of an autonomous woman.

“When I started as a shipbroker in London, I felt like I didn’t belong. At the time, I was the youngest and the only woman on the team. The only expatriate. There were daily interactions that made me feel left out,” Bollanou said in an interview with The Manila Times.

In this interview, she opens up about how she turned the “hurtful and traumatic” experience into positive advocacy and created the company Kate Bollanou Coaching, a cross-cultural communication consultancy that helps maritime businesses develop skills. communication skills of their teams for more effective collaboration and increased productivity.

“I consider it my duty to help others through similar situations I’ve been in,” Bollanou explained.

“Being biracial gives me a natural ability to see a situation from two different perspectives. I understand how other people may perceive reality differently, and that perception is often affected by one’s cultural background.

“In 2017, after six years of working as a ship broker, I decided to start my business and help women in the shipping industry succeed in their careers. After working with several women and companies, I realized that culture also plays a role in how people experience their work environment,” she said.

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