GMU, VMSCL, online course, maritime law

Gujarat Maritime University, in association with VM Salgaocar College of Law (VMSCL), is running a 2-week (30 hour) online training program in international maritime and commercial law.

The course will sensitize participants to the legal framework governing the maritime sector. It will equip participants with knowledge of contemporary and advanced issues related to the maritime industry. The training would be ideal for students and professionals wishing to specialize in the marine and maritime field.

The twelve-day training program aims to cover a wide range of areas related to maritime law, including shipping contracts, marine environment, maritime labor law and admiralty law. While commercial law is concerned with modules such as World Trade Organization, Investment Law, and Commercial Law among others to regulate and facilitate trade and commerce in the world. This facilitation of trade within the international community of states is essential and a prerequisite for a flourishing maritime industry. This training program is designed to introduce the maritime sector in its entirety to our audience.

Dr. Amrisha Pandey, Dr. Aamod Shirali, Mr. Abhay Singh, Dr. Waseem Ahmad Bhat, Dr. Jagadeesh Chandra TG and Mr. Mohit Gupta are the faculty members of Gujarat Maritime University and VM Salgaocar College who will lead this course on an online platform.

Dr. BS Patil and Mr. Ramrai Naik, faculty members of VM Salgaocar College of Law, are the Coordinator and Associate Coordinator respectively.

Interested participants can visit for registration.

For more details contact Ramrai Naik on 9689444393 or [email protected]