GMU, Training Program, International Maritime Law

Gujarat Maritime University (GMU) is an initiative of the Gujarat Maritime Council, Government of Gujarat, aimed at boosting the maritime sector by bridging the knowledge gap within the industry. GMU was established to serve the global maritime community by producing well-educated and well-trained professionals in the maritime field. It aims to improve and increase the human capital and capacity of the maritime industry in India and globally. The university operates the School of Maritime Law, Policy & Administration (SMLPA), which offers Master of Laws and Executive Degree programs in Maritime Law and International Trade Law. The University also offers an MBA in shipping and logistics as part of its School of Maritime Management (SMM). Aiming to create an institution of global standards, GMU has collaborated with internationally renowned institutions such as Erasmus University, STC International, CBS Executive, ISWAN, and many more such alliances will be forged in times to come. .

About Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University

Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University was established as a State University in 1973 and in 2009 it was upgraded to a Central University by the Central Universities Act 2009. In 1975, the University established a faculty of law, with the aim of providing legal education and spreading awareness among the masses. The Law School currently offers LLB, LLM, and Ph.D. courses at its two centers.

Introduction to the training program

Maritime law is a unique area of ​​law that has a great impact on people’s daily lives. In today’s world, no country can work in isolation, and maritime law allows countries to connect. As 90% of world trade depends on ships, great attention must be paid to the regulations governing the sea. Maritime law is a complex but exciting field to pursue as a professional. The increase in work in the maritime space for reasons such as arrest of ships, cargo claims, etc., offers excellent opportunities. The seven-day training program aims to cover a wide range of areas related to maritime law, including navigation contract, marine environment, maritime labor law, admiralty law, etc.

Importance of the course

Sensitize participants to the legal framework governing the maritime sector. It will equip participants with knowledge on contemporary and advanced issues related to the maritime sector. The training course would be ideal for students and professionals aiming to be specialists in the marine and maritime field.

Course details.

  • Target Audience: The program is designed for anyone who is passionate about navigation and the various legalities with which ships must comply, not only limited to the national level, but internationally. The course also aims to attract those who are already working in the industry but are striving to step into a very exciting and challenging role.
  • Dates: October 03, 2022 to October 09, 2022
  • Fee: INR 590
  • Registration and fee payment can be made through the link –

Fee will be waived for participants who are students of Gujarat Maritime University or Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University

Course participants will receive a certificate of attendance

1. Law of the sea

2. Law relating to the international carriage of goods by sea

3. Settlement of maritime disputes

4. Admiralty Act

5. Maritime labor law

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