Ghana maritime industry stakeholders validate NIMS for sector development

Economic news for Thursday, November 11, 2021

Source: Eye on Port, Contributor


Osei Bonsu Dickson, Legal Director at the Department of National Security

Key stakeholders in Ghana’s maritime industry have come together to validate the Integrated National Maritime Strategy (NIMS) implementation plan.

The meeting gave stakeholders a final opportunity to assess the required mechanisms and effective governance strategies for the maritime domain incorporated into the document prior to its formal approval.

Stakeholders met earlier in July, during a three-day workshop on the implementation plan, after multidisciplinary inputs were gathered for the draft strategy document.

The integrated national maritime strategy should serve as a key tool to strengthen the principles of effective governance in the maritime domain, fight against insecurities while engaging in sustainable exploitation to promote the creation of wealth from the ocean. or marine resources.

NIMS receives technical and financial support from the Kingdom of Denmark and the United Nations Organization against Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

The legal director of the Department of National Security and coordinator of the Security Governance Initiative, Osei Bonsu Dickson, said NIMS has the capacity to serve as a beacon for neighboring countries to develop their strategies.

The Chief Director of the Ministry of National Security, Lt. Col. Ababio Serebour (retired), expressed the government’s unwavering commitment to NIMS and said that the development of the blue economy in a security context should be paramount.

Ghana Maritime Authority Director General Thomas Alonsi called on the various actors and stakeholders involved in Ghana’s maritime space to avoid examining their mandates in isolation from each other, but to work together towards ultimate goal of efficiency and sustainability.

Danish Ambassador to Ghana Tom Norring said the Kingdom is committed to helping Ghana achieve its maritime ambitions and revealed that Denmark has sent a frigate to fight maritime crime in the Gulf of Guinea .

He said, “This Danish frigate is on its way here. He left Denmark a week ago and is expected to arrive in waters very close to Ghana in the coming days.