Digitization creates value in the maritime industry

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to influence the maritime industry and introduce technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and big data analytics. The maritime industry has entered the digital age. Therefore, many start-ups around the world are developing digital solutions that can reshape a new and fully interconnected marine ecosystem.

As ORIANI, we embrace and support the digitalization revolution, which is happening right now. We are convinced that these technologies can improve transparency, increase operational efficiency, create new business opportunities, increase skills, security and reduce risk and OPEX. We were created in 2016 with the aim of supporting shipping companies and startups on this journey.

The big question you may be asking yourself is what exactly do we do?

Well, we access and represent innovative technologies from over 10 countries that we believe can reshape and add value to the Greek and EMEA maritime market. We see shipping company data as an asset. Our goal is to help ship owners and management companies examine their current state and explore their future state. We provide advice and support throughout the project and become fully available 24/7. Our team is made up of professionals from different backgrounds. We have on board professionals with experience at sea and professionals in marketing and business studies. All have maritime training and experience in managing digital transformation projects. Finally, we would like to point out that we act as a local Greek office and not just as a commercial agent.

Our portfolio contains 14 leading solutions from different countries around the world. These solutions are designed to fit and support specific departments of a ship owning or managing company. We guarantee 100% credibility that by adopting and implementing these, you can benefit your organization. We are pleased to announce that we have Windward AI, HiLo, Orca AI, ShipServ, MTR, MedAssist.online, Herberg Systems, DryNet, ScanReach, SparesCNX, ClearLynx, Kanda, 3D Cosmos and K2 secure on board.
Windward AI is a compliance platform that helps you reduce your compliance risk. Since the counterparty is very complex, due diligence provides an in-depth examination of maritime and non-maritime entities. However, their abilities don’t stop there; Windward AI can also provide you with proactive global fleet sanctions screening management so you can detect sanctions violations prior to designation.

HiLo recognizes the effects that high impact incidents can have on the environment, the crew and the vessel. HiLo transforms Big Data into a clear and easy-to-use decision-making system so you can always make the safest choices for your fleet.
Orca AI revolutionizes the fields of marine navigation and collision avoidance. Orca AI provides surveillance and navigation support, visual indication of targets and associated data using deep learning and computer vision models for real-time visual notification. The system can contribute to a measurable and quantifiable increase in vessel operational safety across all fleets.

ShipServ, the leading e-procurement platform, home to the world’s largest supplier network, can help you reduce costs and lead times. Moreover, it can suggest credible suppliers in difficult ports around the world and provides you with unique reports and references by connecting to your existing ERP system.
MTR is an innovative e-learning platform that offers a complete solution for training and evaluating your crew. MTR can help you select the right human resources, develop them in line with your business objective, and establish your business academy. As a maritime institution is accredited by the Bureau of Class Veritas.

MedAssist.online is a revolutionary solution, which can be characterized as a breakthrough in increasing crew well-being and confidence and reducing unnecessary diversions. Medassist.online can empower your doctors by equipping your ships on board with apps that can help your crew with the right medical solutions when it matters most.

Herberg Systems, a well-established company with more than 20 years of experience in developing solutions for the maritime industry, has launched CharterWorks, an innovative MPP charter platform designed to cover the entire charter and management process. exploitation. From calculating the distance to the trip, with a few mouse clicks you can calculate the TCE and once the trip is fixed, you can hand it over to operations and compare the estimated costs and the actual costs. Last but not least, CharterWorks also supports an invoicing module so you can keep track of your finances.

DryNet can improve your communication on board. It offers one of the fastest, most reliable and cost effective maritime connectivity solutions. Drynet can equip your vessel with 4G/LTE services with never-before-seen capabilities.
ScanReach addresses the complexity and importance of onboard data. Therefore, IoT technology can improve the communication and data sharing between ship and shore through a wireless network that helps you track and analyze live data.

SparesCNX brings order to the inventory chaos. By working with RFID tags, SparesCNX can save your engineers time in their daily work on the vessel (finding, storing), giving an accurate and vivid picture of the vessel’s spare parts and bringing the company to do the best choices when it comes to saving money.
ClearLynx is here to help you reduce bunker supply costs and simultaneously increase time efficiency with its cloud-based platform.
Kanda can advance the training experience of your staff with its Kanda Virtual Training Platform which enables companies to create complex real-time collaborative VR training simulations accessible using VR headsets, desktops and tablets.
3D Cosmos creates a photographic digital twin of your vessel that can serve many purposes ranging from training and familiarizing your crew, reporting on the condition of your vessel, troubleshooting, to hearing your vessel internally. Its objective is to provide you with a tool that allows you to have complete visibility of your vessel from your desktop.

K2 secure is a high-end maritime holistic cybersecurity solution. It offers complete protection against external and internal threats. Additionally, it ensures ISM compliance with a technical manual that can be integrated into your SMS. Most importantly, it is a RINA approved solution and also offers 24/7/365 Greek support.

As Greece remains the largest ship-owning country in the world, we sincerely support that our solutions can benefit the Greek maritime market in several ways. Our country is a cornerstone of global maritime trade; thus, we truly believe that innovation and automation should be adapted from Greek shipping companies. We don’t offer solutions that replace humans, we offer solutions that aim to help your organization’s employees thrive, become more efficient, automatically translate data for them, coach them and get them familiar with technologies. In a nutshell, digital technologies are here to empower maritime professionals and move your organization forward.
Source: Oriani