Customizable BASSnet Services for the Marine Industry

BASS Software offers a range of different maritime services and software solutions for ship managers and owners, platform operators and production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels.

The company’s cloud-based fleet management software helps simplify the process of managing vessels while using analytics to provide valuable business insights. BASSnet’s software is also efficient, environmentally friendly and scalable, making it an excellent choice for long-term use.

BASSnet SaaS

BASSnet Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based vessel management software that can be accessed “anytime, anywhere”. BASSnet SaaS allows users to circumvent unforeseen disruptions such as staffing issues and ensures business continuity. The software is accessible in the cloud from anywhere in the world, without requiring additional platform, software or infrastructure costs.

The complete BASSnet suite is hosted in the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud environment, which provides on-demand access to a range of BASSnet modules such as fleet provisioning, management, operations, document management, modules HSEQ, finance or crew/payroll management. The Azure environment is reliable and secure, allowing businesses to depend on BASSnet’s easily scalable suite.

With BASSnet SaaS, customers have access to different cloud zones in the event of disaster recovery, with a high availability subscription, which ensures users continue to access BASSnet with very minimum downtime. Daily monitoring services also provide ongoing end-to-end technical support to ensure the system is always fully functional. Tasks such as ship-to-shore data replication, proactive data detection and exceptional remediation, and patch installation are handled automatically on an ongoing basis, ensuring the software runs smoothly.

BASS also manages the cloud hosting environment which includes virtual machines, databases, networks, storage and backups. Daily monitoring and regular scheduled maintenance are performed as part of proactive and preventative security management to help protect against potential threats.

Custom Report Development Services

BASS provides custom report development services for a variety of business needs. Reports are tailored to meet specific business needs and present data in an easy-to-understand format.

The information in the reports can be easily filtered according to different requirements and the layout of the reports can be changed to suit different tasks. To allow direct access and convenient report generation, custom reports are integrated into the BASSnet system and are available in multiple outputs.

BASS’ customizable services provide bespoke reports that can be tailored to meet client requirements. Required data can be filtered and presented in specific ways based on business needs, enabling optimal analysis and decision-making. As part of the service, dedicated BASS professional staff will be assigned to manage, organize and assist in the development and delivery of the customized report.

PMS of vessels and construction of the fleet database

BASS’ skilled professionals have built and converted over 1,500 ship databases and can also convert from different software, helping customers migrate to a fully functional Planned Maintenance System (PMS) database. Maintenance operations are also streamlined with a fleet-wide, centralized and shareable equipment library. BASS also has experience migrating historical working data and cleaning and normalizing data.

Fleet management configuration module

The BASSnet Fleet Management Setup module is an end-to-end process solution that centralizes equipment data management and optimizes operations and inventory management. BASSnet uses a shareable machine library that allows customers to streamline maintenance operations to be more cost effective. From a single screen, customers can view, manage and distribute a variety of documents.

Configuring BASSnet Fleet Management helps increase efficiency, create useful databases, provide visibility gains, and improve maintenance tracking and strategy management.

Existing PMS data is analyzed and reviewed, before experts recommend the best approach to standardize machines in the fleet management library. This simplified approach is more efficient and economical in the long run.

Database services

BASSnet can migrate and convert data from third party systems such as dry docking, safety incident reporting and hull inspection systems. Hazardous Material Inventory data can also be linked to PMS data in BASSnet.

Smooth data migration and delivery is guaranteed as the legacy system is phased out. Information from multiple formats, including Excel and PDF files, can easily be migrated to the new system. BASS experts will analyze and map third-party data to ensure that all important data is converted into the BASSnet system. Dedicated staff are also available to coordinate the delivery of the database and provide assistance throughout the process.

Personalized training and training materials

BASS offers a wide range of training services, including facilitator-led training, computer-based training, post-training online assessments, progress tracking and analysis, and a training materials customization service. The BASSnet Help menu contains links to a product overview and getting started guide, which work well as an introductory lesson in BASSnet software. Training materials such as help files, facilitator slides, and lab exercises are also readily available.

Computer-Based Training (CBT) allows users to train on their own using interactive videos with text-to-speech audio. This training covers the most common features of the system. CBT can also be customized to match individual workflows or databases. Post-training assessments are also available to help track progress, where questions and answers are mixed together to avoid cheating or copying. After the assessment, individual or group reports can be generated and emailed to crew members or sent to a Google sheet for progress tracking and analysis or exported to a CSV file.

CBT also supports integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS), where applicable, to better manage training across the organization.

Consulting services

BASSnet software is used in offices and over 2,000 ships worldwide. Dedicated services and resources help ensure that post-implementation projects and services are delivered smoothly and professionally.

Experienced project and consulting teams will be on hand to help you implement software and deploy new systems. Budgets and deadlines will be respected without compromising on quality or customer satisfaction. BASS marine experts will advise customers on how best to use BASSnet solutions to match business objectives and operations.

Training services for knowledge transfer are also available, with professional consultants tailoring courses to clients’ needs to help optimize operations. This knowledge can then be used for in-house training and learning.

BASSnet’s end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) maritime software and BASS Software’s comprehensive professional services go hand in hand to streamline maritime operations and drive excellence in fleet management for shipowners and ship managers around the world. whole world.

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