Certificate Course, Maritime Law, NALSAR University of Law, Suveeksha Eduskills

Nalsar Law University collaborated with Suveeksha Eduskills Limited, 21st Century Online Training Content, to launch a comprehensive 12-week certificate course in maritime law with top Admiralty law firms across the country. The 60-hour course will not be a mundane academic exercise guided by textbooks and one-sided lectures, but will be an exciting journey for seafarers and law students with debates, group discussions, advocacy sessions. and expert lectures from the bigwigs of the maritime industry. . The immersive course will cover a wide range of topics such as rescue, collision liability, passenger transport, marine pollution liability, ship seizure, towage contracts, limitation of maritime liabilities and privileges, international maritime conventions and employment at sea and health and safety. This program aims to provide candidates with the opportunity to improve their professional skills and prepare for managerial positions in the maritime world.

Improving employability is a key priority for us, and with this in mind, we are committed to hosting live interactions, hands-on training that will give students a huge opportunity not only to learn, but also to network. and internships.

The session starting on October 25, 2021 will be opened by Amitabh Kumar (GM, Expedition) at 3:00 p.m. on Zoom.

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Course results

  • Understand the legal framework of maritime and maritime law in India
  • Appreciate the legal and practical principles governing maritime and maritime law in India.
  • Apply legal arguments to maritime law and admiralty law in India.

Course module

  • Introduction of maritime law and sources of maritime law, IMO and international maritime law
  • The charter parties I- The contractual types of charter parties
  • Carriage of goods by sea – Functions of bills of lading
  • Scope of Admiralty Jurisdiction
  • Maritime claim and limitation of liability
  • Maritime claims
  • Maritime law statutes
  • Dispute resolution in maritime law

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