Batam sets course for the revival of its maritime industry – Inforial

Inforial (The Jakarta Post)

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Fri, August 5, 2022



The three-day Indonesian Marine and Offshore Expo (IMOX) opened in Batam on August 3, setting a goal of attracting 2,000 shipping industry stakeholders, with a total transaction value of 100 million dollars, equivalent to 1.49 trillion rupees.

BP Batam Chairman Muhammad Rudi officially opened the 2022 IMOX Maritime Business Exhibition and Forum at the Radisson Golf and Convention Center in Batam.

The event was organized by Kadin Batam in collaboration with BP Batam and aimed to revive the maritime industry in the city of Batam to stimulate economic recovery and attract more investment. This year’s theme was “The Future Direction of the Indonesian Maritime Industry”, with the event being the first, largest and only offline maritime expo in Indonesia this year. There were 120 participating booths attracting maritime industry players from across the country, as well as some from Singapore, Malaysia and India.

“Congratulations on holding this exhibition. I hope that the fifth IMOX exhibition, which is themed on the future direction of the Indonesian maritime industry, can stimulate the development of the maritime industry in Batam,” said he declared.

Batam is home to more than half of Indonesia’s shipyards, including the largest shipyards in the country, due to its highly strategic location on one of the busiest trade routes in the world. the Strait of Malacca. However, the industry has been hit hard in recent years.

Rudi said the pandemic was not solely responsible for the slowdown in maritime activities in Batam, adding that unfavorable tax regulations were also a factor. “I transmitted [this] to the central government, so that there are improvements in the regulations or policies related to the maritime industry in Batam. With the review of relevant ministries, it is hoped that Batam can once again become a center for investment in the maritime industry,” Rudi said.

In addition, a dialogue was also held regarding various rules and regulations in Batam City as a Special Economic Zone and a Free Trade Zone, presented by relevant agencies, such as Customs and Excise Agency, Bureau taxes, immigration and security.

IMOX is a regular program of international maritime exhibitions organized by Fireworks Trade Media Group. The exhibition should be able to revive the maritime activity and the shipyards of Batam.