Basic Maritime Economics and Contemporary Maritime Law

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Date(s) – 19/09/2022 – 13/11/2022
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This module examines the fundamental issues and current challenges associated with the economic, legal and regulatory environment in the maritime transport sector. You will discuss maritime market principles and trends and gain an understanding of the driving forces behind maritime business and the economy.

This module will address the legal framework of maritime transport. You will have presentations on maritime conventions and new regulatory developments in the maritime sector. The module will also introduce private maritime law, including basic legal thinking and methodology, the legal notion of ship registration, the fundamentals of the carriage of goods by sea, the structure of a sales transaction and purchase of ships, the exercise of ship security rights, principles of marine insurance and other major legal aspects of navigation.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module, you should be able to:

  • Explain the fundamental relationships between economy, trade and maritime transport
  • Analyze maritime market issues and trends
  • Provide economic explanations for certain major maritime transport issues
  • Demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of the fundamentals of legal thought and methodology
  • Understanding the doctrine of judicial precedent
  • Identify and discuss basic principles of maritime law within the broader context of law and legal systems;
  • Become aware of the importance of vessel registration for the exercise of maritime activity and appreciate the existence of fraudulent registrations and related practices
  • Identify the different types of maritime transport contracts, whether materialized by charter parties or bills of lading
  • Understand the functions of a bill of lading and the carrier’s liability for freight in ocean shipping. Understand the limitation of liability mechanism and its link with special limitation of liability regimes (e.g. HVR)
  • Understand the basic structure of a ship sale and the resulting rights in favor of the seller and the buyer. This includes a fundamental understanding of selling and buying transactions.
  • Realize the importance of security rights on a vessel. Understand the function and exercise of a maritime lien as opposed to the exercise of mortgage rights. Identify the legal consequences of the exercise of securities in a judicial sale
  • Describe the concepts of risk and loss, insurability of risk and extent of cover in common types of insurance in shipping
  • Identify basic legal obligations in ship management

Lesson Plan

  • Economic globalization and maritime transport
  • Marine market
  • Sea cost
  • Ports and their impact on maritime transport
  • Sea freight market
  • Economics of the protection of the marine environment
  • Introduction to Legal Thought and Methodology I + II
  • Basic Principles of Law I + II
  • Registration of vessels I + II
  • Introduction to shipping
  • Transport of goods by sea I + II + III + IV
  • Sale and purchase of ships
  • Ship security rights I + II
  • Marine Insurance Principles
  • Ship Management – ​​Legal Perspective