Amogy Globalizes Ammonia as Fuel Source in Marine Industry with Norwegian HQ Announcement with New Hire

Amogy Inc., a pioneer in high energy density, emission-free ammonia power solutions, today announced the opening of its operations in Norway with the hire of Christian W. Berg, Managing Director of Amogy Norway. Mr. Berg joins Amogy Norway from his most recent role as Business Development Manager for Yara Clean Ammonia, a decarbonization-focused subsidiary of the world’s leading ammonia producer, Yara International ASA.

An innovative and results-driven leader with experience developing renewable fuels for the shipping industry, Mr. Berg will be responsible for accelerating Amogy’s efforts in commercializing its ammonia processing technology by electricity with partners in Scandinavian countries. Norway, known as a global leader in renewable energy and shipping, has the state-of-the-art infrastructure needed to make ammonia a viable fuel source for cargo ships, as well as an ecosystem that presents opportunities for strategic business partnership for Amogy.

“Norway and its forward-thinking marine industry have recognized the huge opportunity ammonia represents as a green fuel, which has given the country a head start in putting in place the necessary infrastructure, it therefore makes sense for Amogy to establish a significant presence here,” said Seonghoon Woo, CEO of Amogy. “With Christian W. Berg, who has significant experience in accelerating the transition to ammonia, Amogy will have the immediate on-the-ground presence we need as we connect with potential partners and grow our operations in the country.”

Thanks to extensive public and private collaboration, Norway is leading the green energy transition and is already developing ammonia refueling stations for ships, or “bunker bays”. In February 2021, it was also announced that the country would be home to Europe’s first large-scale green ammonia project, making it an ideal second home for Amogy.

The company will establish its Norwegian headquarters in Stavanger, a city with a rich and active history in the oil and maritime industries that has evolved into a regional hub for renewable energy generation and innovation. Amogy will also open a satellite office in Stord, co-located with the Maritime Cleantech (MCT) cluster headquarters and the Catapult Center Sustainable Energy test center. Amogy is a member of MCT and is evaluating projects for testing in Stord, where its zero-emissions transportation technology would be tested under simulated real-world conditions alongside other advanced sustainable energy technologies.

Mr. Berg is a pioneer whose understanding of ammonia as a next-generation sustainable fuel has enabled the development of clean ammonia infrastructure in Norway and around the world. Throughout his career, working for and leading shipping companies developing new vessels using alternative fuels, Mr. Berg brings regional and thematic expertise to Amogy that will be instrumental in achieving the company’s goal of decarbonizing transportation. long-haul.

“Amogy, by far, has the most advanced technology when it comes to bringing a system to market that will make green ammonia the optimal and preferred energy solution for long-haul shipping vessels,” said Mr. Berg. . “My in-depth understanding of ammonia and the viability of this solution for ships, in addition to my knowledge of the Norwegian market, will enable Amogy to lead the implementation of much-needed pilots for the energy transition and rapidly accelerate the commercialization of our ammonia -to the power system Norway will be a model to show more of the impacts of these technologies around the world.

Worldwide, transportation accounts for about a quarter of global carbon emissions, which is why Amogy, with its ammonia-to-electricity technology, aims to reduce more than five billion metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions. by 2040, accelerating the global journey to Net Zero 2050. Beyond high energy density, ammonia has several key advantages that make it a suitable choice for ocean-going vessels and small vessels. Ammonia is already a globally traded commodity, with 20 million tonnes of chemicals shipped each year. The presence of existing ammonia transportation and storage infrastructure also provides a ready foundation for a future carbon-free fuels value chain in shipping. Additionally, Norway is a pioneer in the production of zero-emission green ammonia, generated from renewable sources, which is essential for ammonia’s potential as a clean fuel.

Following recent successes in technology demonstrations and fundraising, Amogy is evolving its technology to decarbonize cargo ships and other heavy transportation systems, among the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. The company will also pursue strategic partnerships in the region to further these efforts, including a recent Memorandum of Understanding signed with Amon Maritime, an ammonia-powered transportation and technology company, to create competitive transportation solutions, at large scale and carbon free. Amogy’s management and R&D facilities will continue to operate from its Brooklyn headquarters, while additional business development and operations teams will be established in Norway.
Source: Amogie