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Al Safar & Partners, like any other law firm, has made vigorous efforts to enhance the valuable role of maritime issues due to its importance in international trade, commerce and maritime activities between the UAE and the rest of the world. world. Maritime transport and the transport of goods between continents represent more than 70% of the transport of goods in international trade, which is quite obvious that such transfer of goods by sea must be highlighted and subject to enough attention. Accordingly, Al Safar & Partners prioritizes all aspects of various maritime matters by extending its maritime services to matters relating to damage caused by any vessel – be it collision, loss of life or injuries. We also specialize in shipbuilding contracts, ship leases and charter parties, pilotage, ship mortgages, disputes between collective owners concerning the ownership and income of ships, seizure of ships and claims against them for non-payment of fuel, port dues or agents. rights. Our arbitration team covers most proceedings relating to all maritime sectors.

Why is the United Arab Emirates such an important center for maritime law?

The UAE has a number of ports, which serve international trade and are used by most shipping companies due to the UAE’s primary role in the export and import of goods as well as modern legislation surrounding maritime issues.

Maritime activities constitute a vast field, and require multiple legislations, which are linked to each other by their nature.

– Mr. Ghazi Bahajaj, Head of Arbitration – Arabic and Arbitrator, Al Safar & Partners Advocates and Legal Consultants

What are the most common forms of arbitration in maritime law?

Maritime activities constitute a vast field, and require multiple legislations, which are linked to each other by their nature. The most common forms of arbitration are related to shipbuilding and construction, which aim to resolve the parties’ possible dispute and can often be very complicated.

Another common subject is that of charter parties and vessel lease agreements which may arise at any time during the term of the charter party, where either party may be compelled to resort either to arbitration, or to find an amicable solution, because the relationship between the parties is by nature always exposed to all vicissitudes. We cannot leave out ship collisions and accidents as well as ship salvage and towage as this could force the parties to resort to arbitration if they do not resort to local courts.

What are the main challenges of maritime law arbitration in the UAE?

Arbitration is a difficult task and requires patience and a thorough knowledge of not only local law, but also international laws applicable to all maritime matters.

Since we are faced with a multitude of laws spread over the globe and covering a multitude of subjects, the task of the arbitrator becomes more and more difficult as he must compare the laws so as not to conflict with the legislation local and correctly issue the arbitration award.

About Al Safar & Partners

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