AkzoNobel leads the maritime industry on the carbon neutral agenda at this year’s SMM

AkzoNobel will show how its cutting-edge technology is helping to propel the maritime industry’s carbon-neutral travel to SMM this year.

Visitors to hall B5, stand 425 at this year’s SMM in Hamburg, Germany will not only have the opportunity to meet AkzoNobel’s team of local experts who can provide technical advice, project quotes and products for their asset and its operation.

They will also have the chance to inspect the ROV (remote control vehicle) units firsthand, which are an integral part of AkzoNobel’s Intertrac® HullCare hull management solution from its International® brand.

The use of ROVs in the hull cleaning process sets new standards for sustainability – allowing full recovery of all waste generated – ensuring that all paint debris and biofouling can be safely removed – rather than potentially contaminating the waters in which they are cleaned.

This minimizes the potential for invasive species translocation – and fully aligns with the BIMCO 2020 standard.

Combining this with the International® range’s high performance hull coating technology and Big Data performance, the result is the most environmentally friendly hull management package to date.

Over an extended 10-year berthing cycle, Intertrac HullCare can help significantly reduce CO2 emissions by up to 34,000 tonnes and save £4.6 million in fuel compared to a hull control system. typical five-year fouling, ensuring hulls are serviced longer.

Colin Mercer, Global HullCare Manager, AkzoNobel, said, “AkzoNobel is renowned for leading the industry in innovation.

“By developing and leveraging cutting-edge technologies and solutions, we continue to provide the marine industry with exceptional solutions that reduce operating costs while helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

“Our innovative Intertrac HullCare system really exemplifies this approach. The proactive and optimized cleaning regime is designed to maintain performance throughout the operational cycle of offshore commercial vessels, while they are carrying out their normal operations.

“Unlike diver-operated brush cleaning methods that can increase the risk of damage and potentially reduce the effective life of a fouling control system, Intertrac HullCare uses technology that cleans the surface with water jets and recovery with sustainable waste disposal routes.

“We are delighted to showcase the system at SMM and offer visitors the opportunity to inspect the ROV units, which play such an important role in it.

“The future of the shipping industry depends on the choices made today and we look forward to demonstrating how we are helping the industry reach new standards of sustainability.”

And as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has pledged to reduce the 1 billion tonnes of CO2 currently emitted by ships by 2050, AkzoNobel, through its International(R) marine brand, will also demonstrate its brand new service, the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Calculator at SMM.

The CII is an operational measure to calculate and adjust the carbon intensity performance of ships in service, taking into account the ship’s capacity and distance traveled, as well as its CO2 emissions.

AkzoNobel’s dedicated marine experts will use it to show decision-makers how to improve and maximize their fleet’s fuel efficiency, achieve better CII ratings, and consistently maintain appropriate CII ratings – by choosing the right products and services, such as ‘Intertrac HullCare, to ensure their vessels are optimized with the right coatings and a clean hull to minimize drag and fouling and therefore improve performance.

SMM takes place at the Hamburg Exhibition Center in Hamburg, Germany from September 6-9.

AkzoNobel’s International(R) marine coatings brand and subject matter experts can be located in Hall B5, Booth 425.
Source: AkzoNobel