5 principles for a diverse, fair and inclusive maritime industry

The maritime industry must increasingly work together to retain existing talent, and above all, attract new talent. To achieve this, the All Aboard Alliance aims to provide a strong platform for collaborative and ambitious action across the industry.

With a strong community of action, industry leaders are actively working together to make their businesses – and the industry as a whole – more diverse, fair and inclusive now. Launched in May 2022, the Alliance is supported by Founding Knowledge Partners: Global Maritime Forum, Diversity Study Group and Swiss Re, introducing a diversity, equity and inclusion framework.

In this regard, the All Aboard Alliance is designed around five principles:

  1. Appoint a business sponsor to lead and hold accountability for diversity, equity and inclusion within the organization
  2. Equip and educate people to understand their role in promoting a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace – from senior executives to line managers and team members
  3. Create and sustain an organizational culture of fairness and belonging where everyone has equal opportunity to contribute and thrive
  4. Capture relevant data and develop insights to assess progress and evolve strategic goals
  5. Communicate commitment and progress externally on an annual basis

Members of the alliance commit to self-access and report progress on the above five principles on an annual basis.

The search for new talent, the expectation of external stakeholders to move forward with ESG issues and the need for innovation to deal with the industry’s transition are the three major challenges for the industry and the motivation for the new alliance.

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